What is

The Common Market?

The Common Market is an uncommon convenience store, deli and bar with 3 Charlotte NC locations. We're your local spot for an uncommonly good time. Each store uniquely embraces & reflects its neighborhood's vibe. All are welcome on board. We strive to bring people together, grow our communities and celebrate diversity. Meet old friends and make new ones while you eat and drink the best stuff around 365 days a year!

See for yourself:

Plaza Midwood South End Oakwold Rock Hill Durham
One good.

o' sammie.

Our talented staff makes your order from scratch using the best ingredients—Boar’s Head® deli meat, bread baked daily by Golden Grains Bakery, local produce & products, a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options…plus loads of love. We feed everybody: from carnivores to locavores, from vegan diners to finicky feasters!

Come for the tasty drinks, stay for the sexy power

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Daily Specials appear in each store's 'stories'. Each store has its own account & story...
inside the common market
sammie waving

Still Not Sure What We Are?

Our expert advice is visit each store, explore, partake & enjoy.